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Graphic Designer & Website Developer

17 years of extensive experience across various industries

Martin Tutko - Designer & Website Developer

Martin has more than 17 years of extensive experience working in desktop publishing, graphic design, web design and online marketing industries. He has worked for various graphic design companies, developing visuals and online marketing materials for small – medium sized companies across the globe.

Behind every piece of content lies a purpose

He is a stickler for simplicity and clean lines when designing an effective website. In fact Martin is known to feel quite passionately about this aspect of his profession. As a designer he is astutely aware of the visual codes such shapes, colours, textures, patterns and contrasts.  A favourite quote is by Gregg Berryman: “Codes make a language of vision, much as words are building blocks for verbal language.”

With his rational mind and practicality, Martin is looking forward to solving Buzz Marketing Solutions client’s problems around graphic design, desktop publishing and web design.

Just remember to keep things simple!

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