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Social Media use for SMEs has skyrocketed across Australia and often the task is palmed off to an innocent bystander/ staff member simply because you were at the wrong place, at the wrong time. Take a deep breath, grab a glass of wine or your mug of coffee and take charge.

WHO are you striking up the conversation with?

Behind every witty social post, lovey-dovey online community, an award-winning social campaign was a well-researched plan and strategy – nothing was achieved in an ad-hoc way. Data, analytical insights, and content formats were examined to grasp the “personas” who would potentially engage with your product/service across the most relevant social media channel. These nuggets of wisdom are priceless and can only come about with social listening if you haven’t done any prior focus group or market research.

Tools to check out:

  • Buzz Sumo – discover what topics generate greater shares across which social media platform. Then dig deeper to see what word-length, format, influencer, competitor content – would make for a relevant and interesting post for your end-user.

Facebook Business Insights – provides great scope for defining your business personas via age, gender, relationship status, education, occupation, and affinities. Great for sourcing new business relationships and cross-marketing opportunities.

Radian6 – should your wallet allow it, this platform is mind-blowingly powerful when it comes to its social listening capacity based on keywords, interests, demographics, media channel. Gotta have a bit of geek in you though to sieve through the data.

WHAT is your purpose?

It’s not enough to just have a brand presence and just churn out content. Sure, content is King, but distribution is Queen (quote stolen from Buzzfeed’s CEO). People have never enjoyed being spammed, shouted out or forced to buy something. With that said, create a content strategy that weaves in all your marketing messages and activities, online and offline, while thinking about why the various personas would come to your Facebook Page versus your website versus your Twitter or Instagram. What role does each channel have? What is your brand’s personality and tone of voice? What are you offering to your fans and followers?

Tools to check out:

Brandwatch – an amazing platform if you can afford it as the breakdown goes deep and granular. Not only can you measure your brand versus your competitors tracking what is being said but you can even see what aspects of your brand/product is being discussed: design, affordability, engine quality, etc.

Mentions – alerts you to what is being said about your brand across various media outlets.

HOW do I create awesome posts?

Social Media is all about making relevant content and posting at the best times for your audiences. Your mix should include videos, images as well as useful link-based posts. Now, do not panic if you do not have a graphic design background. Again, stop escaping to the fridge in fear of writing tight copy best suited for your audience and channel. There are tools that help you, a little. Or else have a quick assessment of what your competitors are doing and learn from that!

Tools to check out:

Canva – meet your new best friend. On Canva you can create a multitude of cool and arty posts for social media including infographics, flyers, web banners and even presentations. Images are cropped to suit each platforms spec requirements. Plus if your image library is lackluster you have an array of free images, graphics, fonts, layouts to whip out a masterpiece in no time.

Iconosquare – my go-to tool for Instagram analytics. Check what hashtags are being used by your competitors, see which Influencer has stable engagements, discover what kind of themes/photos stirs the most likes and comments.

Unsplash – is a great website for high quality, royalty-free images that don’t look cheesy or fake. Plus, it’s free. Bonus!

These are just a few of many tools that are out there to make your life in social media easier. However, hold your horses – always remember who you are trying to engage and what content will resonate or help them.