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As an advocate of Facebook Marketing, what isn’t there to like? Has a myriad of creative ad formats? Tick. Did data back insights? Tick. Targeting options to allow you to go big or niche? Tick, tick, tick!

Here are a few targeting strategies to get you in front of those that matter and lead to new business opportunities.

  1. Purchasing Behaviour of Facebook Users

Facebook has definitely flexed its muscles and data might by forging 3rd party partnerships with Epsilon, Axiom and Datalogix in 2013. This new alliance means that digital marketers can now pick to target people specific to their purchasing behaviours.

Purchasing behaviour sub-categories include Buyer Profiles, Clothing, Food & Drink, Health & Beauty and a lot more. Within each broad subcategory, you can drill down into types of behaviour. For example, choosing Buyer Profiles will then let you target DIYers, Fashionistas, Foodies, etc.

Facebook shows you how many user profiles you can target in each subcategory, based on their aggregated, multi-sourced offline transaction-based data (or in simpler terms, the number of Facebook users in that category they’ve matched to offline purchasing data).

The options here are limitless. Get in there and explore!

2. Use the Custom Audience Lists

Facebook now offers you a multitude of Custom Audience List options to better nurture your leads and loyal customers.

Custom Audiences are created by uploading your customer phone list or purchaser/subscriber email list in CSV or TXT format to Facebook. You can also create a Custom Audience based on your website visitors (and specific pages visited on your site), or on specific actions taken within your game or app.

This is absolutely powerful! You can target your existing customers who work in a specific job function, make XX amount of money per year, and live in a certain postcode with a higher value product offer if those insights told you these people are more apt to be your affluent customers.

Or, you could target people who visited your company’s blog with offers to demo your product. They already know your name and were interested enough to visit you, but not to convert. Facebook Ads targeting that Custom Audience can close the gap.

3. Extend your reach via Lookalike Targeting

Maximise the number of potential quality leads by creating Lookalikes of your custom audience lists. Lookalikes allow you to expand beyond your reach but still target people with highly specific profiles, by creating audiences that look like your own targets. Simply upload your custom audience list, click create lookalikes then pick how broad you want to go by targeting the top 1% to top 10%. Clever!

Hopefully, you can see the value in creating a diversified Facebook targeting strategy and feel inspired enough to test out a few of these strategies in your next campaign.